Party Overview & Timeline


The Alliance Party is the culmination of a decade’s long movement of former democrats and republicans and independents, who are fiscally conservative, socially moderate, accountable and reasoned who want our elected officials to be non-partisan once in office and work for all of their constituents to provide a better future for our country.

October 14, 2018 - The American Moderates, The Modern Whigs and The American Party of South Carolina agreed to merge to form a new national party. (The American Centrist Party, The Center Party, The National Centrist Party, The USA Party, and the Veterans Party first merged with The Modern Whigs)

October 14 – December 31, 2018 - Party name, logo and initial national platform and a handful of states were legally established. Officers and volunteers from the merged parties established new roles in the national party.

February 27, 2019 - 23 legally organized states: South Carolina, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Utah, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas, Missouri, California, Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Delaware and Ohio.

April 11, 2019 - The American Alliance Party became the fourth independent national party to join The Alliance. 


Executive Team

Brian Mistrot, National Chair, former chair of the American Moderates Party

Michael Burger, National Vice-Chair former national chair of The Modern Whig Party

Dr. James Rex, National Vice-Chair former co-founder and National Chair of the American Party

Adam Garfinkle, National Policy Advisor former political speech writer for several federal elected officials

Jennifer McLucas, Co-Chair National Communications 20+ year veteran in PR, comms and marketing

Michelle Griffith, APR, Co-Chair National Communications 20+ year veteran in PR, comms and marketing  

Tim Cotton, National Director of Operations 30-year veteran of professional political operations.

Our executive team includes exemplary experience and expertise in Information Technology, Sourcing, Finance, Legal and Compliance.


Mission: return to a functioning government that can solve problems, work together and move the country forward for everyone. We have always been a great nation in large part because of our exceptional ability to be creative and adapt to changing conditions.

Fundraising: We have successfully achieved our short-term fundraising goals. We are presently seeking funding for our party to achieve its 2020 goals.